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"Networking is an enrichment program, not an entitlement program."

-Susan RoAne



                        PEP is a not-for-profit network community of like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals with                                                   the spirit of excellence. This network brings individuals and businesses together to make                                                                 personal connections. These connections provide a communication network channel which is                                                         the oasis for businesses and individuals to support and patronize each other.                                                                                                        


     PEP meets regularly and sponsors seminars, workshops, and other events that help empower entrepreneurs with       opportunities through education, training, brainstorming, mentoring, internship, etc.         

     PEP provides the resources and opportunities entrepreneurs need to live their dreams and reach their full potentials. Our programs and services meet the needs and challenges of entrepreneurs and prepare them for ultimate success.


     Additionally, PEP helps build and maintain healthy relationships through our various programs, services, and resources. These relationships keep entrepreneurs connected and aid in positively impacting the lives of others.    


    Our Vision: To inspire, motivate, empower, and invigorate entrepreneurs to discover the hidden treasures within, and                             to recognize, utilize, and maximize their gifts. talents, and abilities.


​    Our Mission: To provide on-going training and development opportunities via education, social media, conferences,

                               seminars, and workshops which equip entrepreneurs with business and life-skill tools.       


    Our Core: Excellence, Unity, Integrity, and Transparency


 PEP is the Parent or Umbrella for the following:

  • Children/Youths in Business

  • Ex-Offenders in Business (Prisoners/Jailers)

  • People with Disabilities in Business

  • Seniors in Business

  • Underprivileged and Disadvantaged in Business

  • Veterans in Business

  • Women in Business

Transform. Hope. Inspire. 
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