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Inspiration means to stimulate and uplift the mind or emotions to a high level of delight, feeling or activity. There are many ways to inspire and uplift.​

The beautiful thing about inspiration is that anyone can do it. Everyone has or will face difficulties. And have perhaps had to climb high mountains. The fact that they are still here, says they have the ability to inspire. All that is required is: don't be afraid to be who you are and be authentic.  

Inspiration comes in many forms and in many ways. Carrie chooses to inspire by using God's Word, the Holy Bible.  To accomplish this, she will be making available many Bible studies and/or courses for your growth and development, as well as a daily one-sentence sermon. 

The purpose in making Biblical programs and courses available is to promote the study of the Bible which should lead to a more intimate relationship with the God of the Bible. Those interested in learning online accredited degrees are welcomed here as well


The purpose of making the daily one-sentence sermon available is so that the super-busy individuals, who only have time for a "bite-size Word" at the moment can be edified, inspired, energized, and built you up to face each day with renewed vigor, courage, strength, and determination.

Transform. Hope. Inspire. 
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