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One-Sentence Sermons

 This section is designed for super-busy individuals. In respect of your time and space, I came up with the one-sentence sermon idea.  Periocically, I will share a one-sentence sermon. This is one of my many gifts to you. 


Although it is only one sentence, each statement will be so powerful and impactful that each will send a message that is so compelling that it begs to be given serious consideration and application.  Some of these sermons will be original, many will come from the Bible, some from colleagues, and others from the public domain. 


 I pray that these "one-sentence sermons" will edify, inspire, energize, and build you up to face each day with renewed vigor, courage, strength, and determination. 

The Lord bless you as you apply each sermon to your daily living!

Transform. Hope. Inspire. 

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