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 I am sure some are concerned about earning accredited degrees. At this time,  PCBIS is not accredited. However, we are actively engaged in negotiations to this end on several fronts. Here is the update. Degrees earned as a result of studies at PCBIS must be issued by an out-of-state accredited Bible institution.  We are in the final stages of negotiation with ___________ Theological Seminary and Bible Institute. Upon finalization of negotiations, all degrees issued as a result of studies at PCBIS will bear the name “_________ Seminary and Bible Institute.” 

Although we are pleased with the on-going relationship and affiliation with __________, there is nothing like having your own state authorize you to issue degrees. Therefore, we are actively seeking accreditation with the State of Georgia.  Please join PCBIS in prayer as we ask God’s favor with the state of Georgia.  

We will keep you posted as progress is made! 

What we believe


  • Apologetics

  • Bible Doctrines

  • Bible Survey (New Testament)

  • Bible Survey (Old Testament)

  • Book of St. John

  • Church Administration 

  • Church History

  • Comparative Religions

  • Dispensations & Covenants

  • Christian Ethics

  • Etiquette 

  • Effective Bible Study Methods 

  • Faith

  • Hermeneutics

  • Homiletics

  • Intercessory Prayer

  • Kingdom Concepts

  • Kingdom Principles

  • Leadership

  • New Testament Synthesis

  • Old Testament Synthesis

  • Post Graduate

  • Prayer 

  • Public Speaking

  • Sunday School Administration

  • Survey of the Bible 

  • Synoptic Gospels

  • Systematic Theology

  • Teachers Training

  • The Tabernacle of Moses

  • Typology

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Apologetics: deals with the intelligent defense of the Christian faith which includes arguments for the existence of God,                          the nature of God, the divinity of Christ, the resurrection, etc.

Bible Doctrines:  covers the major great doctrines of the church, e.g. doctrine of God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Man,                                      Salvation, Church, Scripture, Angels Satan, and the Last Things.

Bible Survey (New Testament): covers the background of the 27 books of the New Testament 

Bible Survey (Old Testament):  covers the background of the 39 books of the Old Testament

Book of St. John: covers the background, purpose, theme, the seven I am's, etc.

Christian Ethics: deals with "rights" and "wrongs" of Christian behavior; emphasis on relationships, loyalty, faithfulness,                                 etc.

Church Administration:  explores the rules for managing Christian institutions, church organization, office administration                                            financial procedures; budgeting, the pastor's role, leadership,  


Church History: covers ancient, medieval and modern church history as well as the seven phases or periods of the                                         Christian church 

Comparative Religions: background comparison of major religions, e.g. Christian Science, Unification, Hare Krishna                                                   Jehovah Witnesses Mormonism, Transcendental Meditation, etc. 


Dispensations & Covenants: covers the seven dispensation periods and the corresponding covenants, e.g. Edenic,                                                              Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic, mosaic, Palestinian, Davidic 

Etiquette (young people): Etiquette (young people): covers correct posture, attitude, appearance, table manners, dining skills, communication, how to speak and engage with others appropriately, etc.


Effective Bible Study Methods:  teaches how to study the Bible, covers various methods of studying the Bible, etc. 

Faith:  covers how faith comes, how to turn your faith loose, steps to a higher faith, the God kind of faith, etc..

Hermeneutics: covers the historical, cultural, syntactical analysis special literary methods in interpreting Scriptures. 

Homiletics: deals with the preparation and delivery of sermons, special attention is given to introductions and                                         conclusions.

Intercessory Prayer: teaches how to stand in the gap for others and petition God on their behalf

Kingdom Concept:  covers the nine kingdom concepts for kingdom living

Kingdom Principles:  covers the original purpose for existence, the source of meaning behind life, the nature of true                                              authentic kingdoms, etc.

Leadership: deals with the nature of leadership, the call to leadership, the qualifications, preparation of leaders, etc. 

New Testament Synthesis: covers the selective books of the New Testament with an emphasis on the Synoptic Gospels 

Old Testament Synthesis:  covers selective books of the Old Testament with an emphasis on the first five books of the                                                    Bible 

Post Graduate: covers Bible origin, comparative religions, Science and the Bible, church history, Eschatology, etc.

Prayer: covers the importance of prayer, the purpose of prayer, the power of prayer, effective prayer, etc.   

Public Speaking: deals with the "how to" of preparing and delivery speeches, with emphasis on development, focus,                                       cohesiveness, etc. 

Sunday School Administration: covers the standards of Christian behavior, direction for the management, teaching, and                                                         learning process

Survey of the Bible:  gives an overview of the entire Bible; travels with you on a transformative experience as you are                                            acquainted with the lands and cultures of the Bible

Synoptic Gospels: deals with the backgrounds of the early ministry of Jesus in Galilee, beyond Galilee, Judea, Passion                                       Week, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, etc. 

Systematic Theology:  provides an orderly study of the various doctrines of the Christian faith, with special emphasis on                                           the Doctrines of Theism, Bibliology, Theology, etc. 

Teacher Training:  covers aims, objectives, methods, illustrations, evaluations, etc. of teaching 

The Tabernacle of Moses:  gives detailed coverage of all materials used in the construction of the tabernacle, brazen                                                       altar, laver, the altar of incense, candlestick, table o shewbread, the curtains, and coverages,                                                   the courts, etc. 

Typology:  a comprehensive overview of the symbols and types in the Old Testament and the corresponding fulfillment,                      with biblical interpretations and explanations 

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